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Brian Olatunji to Concentrate on Professional Career

February 22nd, 2007 in News by

Detroit, MI – Aspiring 24 year old NHRA Fuel Funny Car driver Brian Olatunji has decided to run a limited schedule for the 2007 drag racing season in favor of utilizing his and Leadfoot Motorsports’ resources to acquire the funding to compete at the sport’s highest level. After a successful 2006 campaign, which saw the team dawn the colors of Von Dutch as a primary sponsor, Brian and his marketing company—Leadfoot Marketing (a division of Leadfoot Motorsports)—are making a consorted effort to put the right corporate partner at the forefront of NHRA PowerAde drag racing.

Last season Brian spent much of his time at the wheel of the team’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Gas entry. The same can be expected this season, however only on a limited schedule. “Last season was fantastic representing; Von Dutch, Sherwin Williams / Planet Color, Lucas Oil, Jegs, Toyo Tires, Splitfire Spark Plugs, Drive Train Specialists, Print Max, Bell Racing Company, North Channel Graphics and The fan reception was great and acquiring seat time is paramount regardless of the category. All in all it was a definite success!” Olatunji commented.

Brian went on to add that, “last season we went to 17 events, however this season we intend on competing in much fewer. Our schedule has not been finalized, however I expect somewhere around half as many as last season.”

In spite of a consolidated schedule, the licensed Top Alcohol Funny Car driver and 2005 Mechanical Engineering graduate of Kettering University is focused on finding a corporate partner in hopes of cultivating a career in the drag racing limelight. “The key is representing a company who is just as emphatic about representing you as you are about them. Meeting the objectives of the company is always at the forefront of your marketing initiatives; however a career partner that will not compromise winning on and off the race track is essential,” Olatunji revealed.

With Leadfoot Marketing’s proven track record of finding corporate partners to establish Brian O’s imminent professional career, they are confident that an ideal partnership will be forged.

For more details, please visit Olatunji’s website at

Download a PDF of this news article here.

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Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports Model Search Down to Eight Finalists

November 1st, 2006 in News by

Detroit, MI – When company president and CEO of Leadfoot Motorsports, Brian Olatunji, approached his company with the idea for a summer model search, his employees were rather hesitant. “Where would the models come from?” and “What big name would help gravitate those models to us?” Vice President of Marketing, Ian Moore wondered.

With a little planning and dedication, both of his questions were answered at the beginning of February 2006.

Olatunji traveled cross county where he wowed Von Dutch with his drive and personality and soon a partnership ensued. Upon his return, employees of Leadfoot Motorsports began a campaign which included plastering the internet with press releases of these companies collaboration in hopes of attracting worthy candidates. Olatunji’s vision of Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports model search had officially turned into a reality.

More than 200 contestants have applied for the 2006 Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports model search since its opening competition on May 5, 2006. Eight beautiful models were fortunate enough to be selected as finalists.

Kasee, Jami, Cindy, Michelle, Scherry, Melissa, Jane and Amber have endured stifling heat, torrential rains, anxious crowds and hours of standing in stilettos in order to reach their coveted status. “It has been a long process to get to this point. At lot of patience is necessary when entering a competition like this, but in the end, I know it will be worth it,” one model revealed.

At each Friday night head-up race Olatunji participated in [held at Milan Dragway in Milan, MI], three to four talented ladies were invited out to display their promotional prowess while Leadfoot Advisor Helena Olatunji as well as Special Events Coordinator Desiree Harrison supervised.

The lady who expressed the most poise, drive and personality beat out the competition and became that month’s beauty. But the competition didn’t end there. Next, the ladies had to impress Harrison with their eloquence and overall passion for promotional modeling during a half hour phone interview. “These ladies were entered into the competition because of their looks and moved on because of their outgoing personality,” Harrison commented. “But as a finalist, [Leadfoot Motorsports and Von Dutch] want a model who can also speak well and represent Brian and the collective image of Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports in a positive light.”

On November 4, 2006, Olatunji and his crew will make the trek to Milan for the last Skinny Kid Heads-Up race of the season. Olatunji’s advisor, as well as Harrison will be on hand with the finalists, were each will have the last chance to see who is worthy of being crowned the winner. For this last race, they will have additional help however, as four judges associated with Leadfoot Motorsports have been invited to come. Whoever does win is bound to raise their model status as she will be a part of an upcoming ad campaign for Von Dutch.

Until November 4th, the ladies are remaining positive and are making sure they keep up on Leadfoot’s news. Telling everyone they know to vote for them on Leadfoot’s website is also a priority and has held to much excitement.

Olatunji himself is excited about the competition and has spoken with each finalist in the hopes of keeping a connection between himself and all aspects of his company. “I wanted to personally introduce myself so [the models] could get a feel of who they might be representing.” He even put his own message up on his website for the model finalists: “I wish you good luck and continued success in pursuing your dreams…live fast, drive hard!!”

On November 4th at Milan Dragway [] we’ll see which of the eight finalists will live out their modeling dream of being featured in a Von Dutch ad!

Come to to vote for your favorite model!

You can check out Brian Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports at
Interview Contact: Desiree Y. Harrison, Special Events Coordinator and Public Relations
Telephone: 313-300-7114

Leadfoot Motorsports
3514 Arbor Drive
Fenton, MI 48430

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Brian Olatunji and the Von Dutch / Team Eagerly Anticipate this Seasons Best Performance

October 6th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – Turns out the weather in Michigan is just about ideal to usher in this month’s rendition of the Friday night heads-up shootout set to take place at Milan dragway. Weather forecasts are projected in the low 60’s with sunshine and an artistic stroke of blue sky. Brian Olatunji and the Von Dutch / team are loaded for bare and ready to take on the competition in what promises to be the best conditions of the season. “I am pumped. Not only because, I know thousands of fans will turn out tonight, but because the conditions are prime for us to really put on a show. My friends and family will be at the event which is always a positive although it definitely makes the day more hectic,” said Olatunji. Although Olatunji seems to have a lot on his plate these days, focus is never an issue because he and the Von Dutch / team along with the Purple Rocket are ready to rock!

For more details please visit Olatunji’s website at

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Brian O’s Blog

August 20th, 2006 in Blog by

Getting excited about the worlds largest one day cruise is never hard to do especially when it’s in your own backyard, The Motor City. Now add in the fact my hot rod was on display as one of the many attractions at this year’s festival of cars and car culture. Last year I was there with the VIPsports Top Alcohol Funny Car team and this year Toyo Tires asked us to represent them to the crowds of adorning gear heads. On behalf of both Toyo Tires and Leadfoot Motorsports the fans were absolutely awesome.

In spite of persistent rain much of the day, people came out to the event and stopped by our display non-stop. One of my favorite things to do besides wheeling some fuel burning beast down the 1320 is interacting with the fans as well as answering questions pertaining to our many marketing partners. In this case Toyo Tres was the star of the show for obvious reasons, however our numerous other partners received ample support as well. If you have never been to the dream cruise I would advise you to make it one of those things you do to complete you fan resume. This event is one that can’t be summed into words. For one the sheer magnitude of the event itself and the million plus people that attend make it a very special place to be. Detroit definitely earned its right to use the “Motor City” moniker this weekend. Even Rob from Toyo Tires could not believe so many people turned out to the event knowing hard rain was in the forecast for much of the day.

In addition to representing Toyo Tres, we were also pleased to have the addition of Jamie who is one of the lovely ladies competing for the title of Ms. Von Dutch / Leadfoot Motorsports. Jamie did an excellent job in representing herself, Leadfoot, Toyo and all of our other marketing partners. I think she has a bright future in modeling as well as anything else she decides to be involved with. Now that the show is over our next focus is to get the purple rocket ready for the biggest race on the IHRA’s schedule. The IHRA World Finals in Norwalk, OH at Norwalk Raceway Park will be our next event. The event begins this week August 24 – August 27th. Wish us luck as we look to capture our first Ironman! Until next time… live fast, drive hard!!!

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Toyo Tires to feature Brian Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports at Woodward Dream Cruise

August 16th, 2006 in News by

Detroit, MI – Every year the Woodward Dream Cruise gets bigger and better and this year, on August 19th, fans will discover 2006’s added bonus when passing Woodward at 13 mile road. At this intersection, industry leading tire company Toyo Tires will feature Detroit based drag racer Brian Olatunji and his / Von Dutch Chevy Monte Carlo. Although, it’s not rumbling down the 16 mile route with all the other classic hot rods, true car fans will have to stop and stare in awe at Olatunji’s decorated door slammer, known as the ‘purple rocket’. Complete with a 468 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy engine and T-tops to adorn the 1978 masterpiece, Olatunji’s purple rocket will be one of a kind at the world’s largest one day car celebration and is not to be missed.

Olatunji will also be on hand to greet fans, sign hero cards, and give the young and those fortunate enough to remember drag racing’s infancy the chance to get up close and personal with the fuel burning beast. “I’m very thankful to have Toyo Tires as a sponsor and am grateful that they have given me the opportunity to represent them every time I go down the drag strip. Coming to the [Woodward Dream] Cruise has been a family tradition for years and now I’m fortunate enough to be one of the main attractions,” Olatunji shared. Toyo Tires is currently a proud sponsor of Leadfoot Motorsports, of which Olatunji is the founder and CEO. For more information, please visit and

The Dream Cruise runs from 9a.m. to 9p.m. on August 19th and is free to all.

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Brian Olatunji Remains Upbeat Despite Motor City Nationals Upset

July 10th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – Brian Olatunji and team Leadfoot Motorsports made a most valiant showing at the Suzuki Motor City Nationals, held July 7-9, 2006. The burnouts were sensational, the engine roared to perfection, qualifying went well and the 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo held up by Toyo tires sat fiercely at the starting line, only to be beaten by a 50 cent piece of equipment that popped off right before the take off of the ‘purple rocket’ on Saturday afternoon. “It’s disappointing to say the least… Unfortunately, the o-ring on the Trans dipstick tube failed causing Trans fluid to get onto the track, but this is drag racing…things happen, you learn and you move forward. My team did an excellent job all weekend and I’m confident great things are just around the corner,” Olatunji offered.

Drag racing fans from all over the country still stopped by the Leadfoot Motorsports pit area all weekend to get autographs, hero cards and another look at Olatunji’s revered Von Dutch / Chevy Monte Carlo Super Rod entry. Brian was even nice enough to let one young fan get behind the driver’s wheel before handing him an autographed hero card. “I wanted to sit in the purple hot rod and meet Brian,” the 5-year old enthusiastically shared. Olatunji is very dedicated to youth and has slated Leadfoot Motorsports to develop a program with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the near future.

The mood of Olatunji and the Leadfoot Motorsports team remains positive, which many fans commented on throughout the weekend. “He’s a really nice person [who] will come up and start a conversation with you even if the race didn’t go the way he wanted… some of these other [drag] racers who have been in the seat for years won’t make that effort for fans,” a drag racing fan of 15 years said of Olatunji.

The 2006 drag racing season will continue, as the broken part has been replaced and the team has planned to head out to test later this week. The next scheduled race is set to take place at National Trail Raceway, the Jeg’s NHRA Northern SPORTSnations for Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports for July 28-30, 2006. For the rest of Brian Olatunji’s racing schedule and information on the team’s many marketing partners, please check out the Leadfoot Motorsports website at

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Brian O’s Blog

June 8th, 2006 in Blog by

I guess it doesn’t take long for a month to come and go when 16-20 hour days are the norm. Since the last update much hard work and preparation by my crew and I almost have us in a position for the grueling part of our schedule. It has also rained here in southeast Michigan for much of the month of May which didn’t provide many opportunities for testing.

However, we have weathered the storm and the performance of both the team and the car is coming around. Because of our great supporters such as Lucas Oil, Splitfire Spark Plugs and Jeg’s with their racer discount program we are looking forward to the continuous schedule which lay ahead. If you have not checked in on our lovely lady model search be sure to drop in and take a peak. In addition to Michelle both Jane and Amber were winners from the past two legs of our contest. Soon we will have interviews from each of the winners as well as constant updates on my team and I. Check back soon and don’t miss a beat.

Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian Olatunji and Von Dutch Ready to Rock the Motor City Nationals at Milan Dragway

June 6th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – 24 year old aspiring Top Fuel Funny Car driver Brian Olatunji and Team Leadfoot Motorsports are heading into the 4th Annual Suzuki Motor City National presented by GM Performance Parts at Milan Dragway, which will be held July 7-9, 2006. With Olatunji currently holding a Top Alcohol Funny Car license, he and his Von Dutch / Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Rod entry are ready to turn the drag racing world upside down as well as turn heads in the process. “This race is arguably our biggest of the season because of it being so close to home and a national event. The Super Rod class is filled with tremendous talent and I look forward to competing against the best in the world,” commented Olatunji.

Much preparation for this weekend has come from Friday night heads-up battles, IHRA Division 3 races and a killer tune-up prepared by Johnny Broaden, Brian’s uncle and crew chief. “Our Von Dutch/ entry is ready to rock,” Olatunji shared. In the mist of all the rocking, provided courtesy of the IHRA eMax drag racing series, the team is looking to roll over the competition, with the help of their 468 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy engine. Be sure to stop by the Von Dutch / pit area during the event as Olatunji is always eager to meet new fans.

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Patience and Perseverance Outweigh Trouble and Traffic for Brian Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports

June 6th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – After spending three and a half hours trapped in a truck with the scorching sun piercing through the windshield, all the signs said to give up. But traffic jams, freeway closers and discomfort couldn’t keep Brian Olatunji™ and Team Leadfoot Motorsports™ away from the 2nd Skinny Kid Race Car’s Heads-Up Race of the season, held on June 2, 2006 at Milan Dragway. The usual trip to Milan Dragway is a short jaunt from Detroit no more than an hour where the team’s race shop is located. “We almost turned around and went home but we knew our fans were waiting for us [at Milan] so we pressed on, besides giving up is never an option. We owe it to our fans as well as our sponsors,” said Olatunji.

And right he was. Thousands of drag racing fans attended Friday night’s festivities and numerous were pleased to see Olatunji’s black polished 28ft. trailer roll onto the grounds. After unpacking, all of Leadfoot Motorsports™ team members dispersed into their individual tasks for the night while Olatunji signed autographs for his awaiting fans. “I wanted to make sure I had a hero card and a signature… I think they might be collector’s items one day,” revealed one fan.

With the traffic pushing the aspiring top fuel funny car racer behind schedule, no one was sure if Olatunji would be able to get into the driver’s seat of the team’s Von Dutch backed Chevy Monte Carlo at all that night. But before the sun fully set, Olatunji made one pass down the strip and now he and crew chief Johnny Broaden are anxious for the next race. “We broke a few pieces but those are easily replaced. We’ll be tested and ready for the [IHRA] Division 3 race in a couple of weeks,” assured Broaden.

Good fortune seemed to also be with the marketing aspect of Leadfoot Motorsports™. “We weren’t sure if any models were going to show up due to the traffic problems Michigan is having right now,” event planner Desiree Harrison shared. However two striking models made the journey to Milan and wowed the crowds while attracting them to the Leadfoot Motorsports™ pit area for its 1st merchandise raffle of the season.

By the end of the night, barbeque, laughs and stories had been shared by all, especially those who have supported Olatunji through the years. Before journeying home, Olatunji enjoyed a loving hug from his number one fan through all the years, his mother. “I couldn’t be prouder of my son; [racing] has been his dream since he was five years old…and now it’s starting to come true!”

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