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Brian O’s Blog

August 8th, 2006 in Blog by

I knew this weekend would be a success as soon as I saw my engine builder James “J” roll up with that Hot Box (Nitrous Bottle Heating System). My team and I have been waiting on this for a few weeks and finally having it in my possession took the race day stress off a little bit. My crew and I got to Milan in the early afternoon and made two passes before the night was over. The engine and car overall felt and sounded really strong and we were able to put up some good numbers. Of course as a racer I am never satisfied. You can check out the results page for the details. My crew chief will be working from now until the next race to make the purple rocket fly ever faster with what’s in that Hot Box—N2O! We’re finally getting a handle on the new combination and I can’t wait!

Even though all of my family wasn’t at this Skinny Kid’s race, I got all the love and support I needed from the fans coming over to the Leadfoot pit to check out the car and get an autographed hero card. But I can’t say that I was the only reason the male fans came over…the third set of models came out for the race and had guys making consistent stops to our pit early and often. These models were probably our most talented set yet…I hope some of you got the chance to see their modeling portfolios when you stopped by the pit. I must admit that the judges had a really tough job on their hands when deciding who would advance but congratulations to both Melissa and Scherry for making it to the next round! These ladies really impressed the judges…they will be interviewed for my website in a few days so bookmark the website and check back for their interviews.

I love doing things for other people which is why I agreed to be the main attraction of a car show in Detroit on Saturday. It was the 1st Annual Youth Empowerment car show and the main focus were the youth of Detroit. I’m all about the kids and whenever I have the chance, I’ll do all I can to help improve their days and hopefully enrich their lives. For the entire day I talked to young adults and young children who love cars and just wanted to see someone like them making it in this crazy business. I was elated that I could be that person. Before the night was over countless kids had made their way over to the Leadfoot pit for a coloring contest. There were some really serious contenders, however in the end 3-year old Jaiden proved too much to handle as she beat out everyone and was declared the winner! The kids also had the chance to sit in my hot rod and feel what it’s like to be in the hot seat. The most talented future racer had to be 2 and 1/2 year old Antoine…he touched all the right levels and even shifted his whole body to get down and touch the pedals. After much begging and pleading, he even convinced me to close the driver’s door so he could feel like a real racer. His mother couldn’t get the smile off of his face for the rest of the night. Seeing the promise and joy in his and the eyes of all the other children I met made all the trials and tribulations my crew and I have been through this season worth it. Overall things are going well. From a guy chasing his dream and also living it, live fast, drive hard!!! Later…

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Brian Olatunji Remains Upbeat Despite Motor City Nationals Upset

July 10th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – Brian Olatunji and team Leadfoot Motorsports made a most valiant showing at the Suzuki Motor City Nationals, held July 7-9, 2006. The burnouts were sensational, the engine roared to perfection, qualifying went well and the 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo held up by Toyo tires sat fiercely at the starting line, only to be beaten by a 50 cent piece of equipment that popped off right before the take off of the ‘purple rocket’ on Saturday afternoon. “It’s disappointing to say the least… Unfortunately, the o-ring on the Trans dipstick tube failed causing Trans fluid to get onto the track, but this is drag racing…things happen, you learn and you move forward. My team did an excellent job all weekend and I’m confident great things are just around the corner,” Olatunji offered.

Drag racing fans from all over the country still stopped by the Leadfoot Motorsports pit area all weekend to get autographs, hero cards and another look at Olatunji’s revered Von Dutch / Chevy Monte Carlo Super Rod entry. Brian was even nice enough to let one young fan get behind the driver’s wheel before handing him an autographed hero card. “I wanted to sit in the purple hot rod and meet Brian,” the 5-year old enthusiastically shared. Olatunji is very dedicated to youth and has slated Leadfoot Motorsports to develop a program with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the near future.

The mood of Olatunji and the Leadfoot Motorsports team remains positive, which many fans commented on throughout the weekend. “He’s a really nice person [who] will come up and start a conversation with you even if the race didn’t go the way he wanted… some of these other [drag] racers who have been in the seat for years won’t make that effort for fans,” a drag racing fan of 15 years said of Olatunji.

The 2006 drag racing season will continue, as the broken part has been replaced and the team has planned to head out to test later this week. The next scheduled race is set to take place at National Trail Raceway, the Jeg’s NHRA Northern SPORTSnations for Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports for July 28-30, 2006. For the rest of Brian Olatunji’s racing schedule and information on the team’s many marketing partners, please check out the Leadfoot Motorsports website at

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Brian O’s Blog

July 6th, 2006 in Blog by

I’ve been waiting all season for the IHRA Motor City Nationals at Milan Dragway and here they are this weekend. The season is going by so fast and I’m loving every minute of it! I also love being able to do what I love, drag race, so close to Detroit, where I grew up. There should be many famous faces appearing in the stands as well as behind the wheel and I can’t wait to amaze them all!

 The crew and I have been working around the clock to get the purple rocket running and looking its best. We’ll be prepared for all the challenges we might face over the three day event. Thank you to my fans, who are sending words of loyalty and encouragement through the Leadfoot Motorsports website! The purple rocket is ready to fly; this weekend ‘rock city’ is going to be blown away! Live fast, drive hard!!! Later…

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Brian Olatunji and Von Dutch Ready to Rock the Motor City Nationals at Milan Dragway

June 6th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – 24 year old aspiring Top Fuel Funny Car driver Brian Olatunji and Team Leadfoot Motorsports are heading into the 4th Annual Suzuki Motor City National presented by GM Performance Parts at Milan Dragway, which will be held July 7-9, 2006. With Olatunji currently holding a Top Alcohol Funny Car license, he and his Von Dutch / Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Rod entry are ready to turn the drag racing world upside down as well as turn heads in the process. “This race is arguably our biggest of the season because of it being so close to home and a national event. The Super Rod class is filled with tremendous talent and I look forward to competing against the best in the world,” commented Olatunji.

Much preparation for this weekend has come from Friday night heads-up battles, IHRA Division 3 races and a killer tune-up prepared by Johnny Broaden, Brian’s uncle and crew chief. “Our Von Dutch/ entry is ready to rock,” Olatunji shared. In the mist of all the rocking, provided courtesy of the IHRA eMax drag racing series, the team is looking to roll over the competition, with the help of their 468 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy engine. Be sure to stop by the Von Dutch / pit area during the event as Olatunji is always eager to meet new fans.

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