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Eyes Set on Victory Lane

September 10th, 2010 in Race Report by

The Leadfoot Motorsports team was poised and ready for a race win as Brian O took the Pepsi Hot Rod out in front of the near sellout crowd on August 6th. The team had made several test laps in anticipation for the race, which placed it among the fastest cars in the field. Excitement turned to disappointment as the motor suffered a major malfunction on the last qualifying lap. The team later learned that a bearing had failed due to foreign contaminants in the engine.

The team’s new partnership with Martin Technology was well timed as work began on the engine immediately after the event. The repairs and modifications were completed just in time for the next race on September 3rd, but due to the time crunch no testing dates could be worked in before the race kicked off. The car made a strong instillation lap on the first qualifying pass. Brian O lifted off the gas before the finish line to insure that the car was safely prepared. All nuts and bolts were checked on the new look engine. On the second qualifying lap the Hot Rod’s transmission began to leak some fluid and in the interest of safety Brian O decided to park the car. Due to the limitations of the racing environment repairs would have to wait until the Pepsi Hot Rod was back at the Martin Technology shop.

The transmission was quickly repaired at the Martin Technology center and testing began immediately after. Due to the new engine combination the car’s setup has changed completely from the season’s starting point in June. It is being dialed in with each pass. The Pepsi Hot Rod was tested on three different dates and the car is picking up speed as the new combination is being dialed in. Brian O and the entire Leadfoot organization expects to win for the last race of the season in October.

At both events the team did not let a parked car slow them down. Marketing Partner Initiatives were all cranked up to the max. The team made a group effort to entertain the record attendance at the August and the September Milan Dragway Heads Up Series races. T-Shirts and other prizes were tossed in front of the grandstands by Brian O, U.S. Army Soldiers and the Leadfoot Models. During the September race, Brian O hyped the crowd on the PA system. Click here to listen to the MP3!

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The Leadfoot Destroys the Pedal… Twice!

July 9th, 2009 in Race Report by

Brian O destroyed not one but two throttle pedals in route to an early round exit during the third race of the Aeroquip Heads-Up series at Milan Dragway. Coming off of a number 14 qualifying position both Brian O and the Pepsi Racing team were excited and focused on competing for the race win. However the now infamous throttle incidents courtesy of the Leadfoot himself have not only solidified the moniker ‘Leadfoot’ but also given credence to the urban legend. When Brian O, was asked in post race media of the results from the event, he simply replied… “They don’t call me Leadfoot for nothing!”

To no avail this is an issue the team will have resolved and tested prior to the next event scheduled at Milan Dragway on Friday, July 31st. “I am confident my team will give me an indestructible throttle pedal for the next event and a hot rod capable of competing for the win,” said Brian O.

Leadfoot Media worked with Milan Dragway in advance to entertain the thousands of fans at the race. In between rounds, Brian O and the two Leadfoot models took the hot red Pepsi golf cart in front of the main grandstands. This signaled the track announcers to tell the crowd that they were about to be part of a contest with 10,000 other participants. The rules were simple. The section that screamed “Brian O” the loudest would have the honor of catching Lucas Oil t-shirts and Toyo Tires hats from the Pepsi Racing driver and the Leadfoot Media models. The announcers on the PA quickly hyped up the screaming audience as Brian O and the models egged them on.

“Complete pandemonium, but it was awesome!” – Brian O

The fans were so loud and enthusiastic that when the 10 Lucas Oil t-shirts and 2 Toyo Tires hats were all gone, Brian O opened the cooler in the golf cart and began passing out ice cold Pepsi Colas to the enthusiastic audience. Afterwards there was a mad dash of spectators to the Pepsi Racing pit area where many autographs and fans for life were born.

For the second race in a row, Brian O visited the control tower at Milan Dragway to participate in a long interview over the PA. Brain was allowed free reign to excite the fans and over the course of the speech/interview got in strategic Marketing Partner mentions of Pepsi, Toyo Tires, Lucas Oil, North Channel Graphics, Jeg’s and DTS.

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Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports Model Search Down to Eight Finalists

November 1st, 2006 in News by

Detroit, MI – When company president and CEO of Leadfoot Motorsports, Brian Olatunji, approached his company with the idea for a summer model search, his employees were rather hesitant. “Where would the models come from?” and “What big name would help gravitate those models to us?” Vice President of Marketing, Ian Moore wondered.

With a little planning and dedication, both of his questions were answered at the beginning of February 2006.

Olatunji traveled cross county where he wowed Von Dutch with his drive and personality and soon a partnership ensued. Upon his return, employees of Leadfoot Motorsports began a campaign which included plastering the internet with press releases of these companies collaboration in hopes of attracting worthy candidates. Olatunji’s vision of Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports model search had officially turned into a reality.

More than 200 contestants have applied for the 2006 Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports model search since its opening competition on May 5, 2006. Eight beautiful models were fortunate enough to be selected as finalists.

Kasee, Jami, Cindy, Michelle, Scherry, Melissa, Jane and Amber have endured stifling heat, torrential rains, anxious crowds and hours of standing in stilettos in order to reach their coveted status. “It has been a long process to get to this point. At lot of patience is necessary when entering a competition like this, but in the end, I know it will be worth it,” one model revealed.

At each Friday night head-up race Olatunji participated in [held at Milan Dragway in Milan, MI], three to four talented ladies were invited out to display their promotional prowess while Leadfoot Advisor Helena Olatunji as well as Special Events Coordinator Desiree Harrison supervised.

The lady who expressed the most poise, drive and personality beat out the competition and became that month’s beauty. But the competition didn’t end there. Next, the ladies had to impress Harrison with their eloquence and overall passion for promotional modeling during a half hour phone interview. “These ladies were entered into the competition because of their looks and moved on because of their outgoing personality,” Harrison commented. “But as a finalist, [Leadfoot Motorsports and Von Dutch] want a model who can also speak well and represent Brian and the collective image of Von Dutch/Leadfoot Motorsports in a positive light.”

On November 4, 2006, Olatunji and his crew will make the trek to Milan for the last Skinny Kid Heads-Up race of the season. Olatunji’s advisor, as well as Harrison will be on hand with the finalists, were each will have the last chance to see who is worthy of being crowned the winner. For this last race, they will have additional help however, as four judges associated with Leadfoot Motorsports have been invited to come. Whoever does win is bound to raise their model status as she will be a part of an upcoming ad campaign for Von Dutch.

Until November 4th, the ladies are remaining positive and are making sure they keep up on Leadfoot’s news. Telling everyone they know to vote for them on Leadfoot’s website is also a priority and has held to much excitement.

Olatunji himself is excited about the competition and has spoken with each finalist in the hopes of keeping a connection between himself and all aspects of his company. “I wanted to personally introduce myself so [the models] could get a feel of who they might be representing.” He even put his own message up on his website for the model finalists: “I wish you good luck and continued success in pursuing your dreams…live fast, drive hard!!”

On November 4th at Milan Dragway [] we’ll see which of the eight finalists will live out their modeling dream of being featured in a Von Dutch ad!

Come to to vote for your favorite model!

You can check out Brian Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports at
Interview Contact: Desiree Y. Harrison, Special Events Coordinator and Public Relations
Telephone: 313-300-7114

Leadfoot Motorsports
3514 Arbor Drive
Fenton, MI 48430

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Brian O’s Blog

August 20th, 2006 in Blog by

Getting excited about the worlds largest one day cruise is never hard to do especially when it’s in your own backyard, The Motor City. Now add in the fact my hot rod was on display as one of the many attractions at this year’s festival of cars and car culture. Last year I was there with the VIPsports Top Alcohol Funny Car team and this year Toyo Tires asked us to represent them to the crowds of adorning gear heads. On behalf of both Toyo Tires and Leadfoot Motorsports the fans were absolutely awesome.

In spite of persistent rain much of the day, people came out to the event and stopped by our display non-stop. One of my favorite things to do besides wheeling some fuel burning beast down the 1320 is interacting with the fans as well as answering questions pertaining to our many marketing partners. In this case Toyo Tres was the star of the show for obvious reasons, however our numerous other partners received ample support as well. If you have never been to the dream cruise I would advise you to make it one of those things you do to complete you fan resume. This event is one that can’t be summed into words. For one the sheer magnitude of the event itself and the million plus people that attend make it a very special place to be. Detroit definitely earned its right to use the “Motor City” moniker this weekend. Even Rob from Toyo Tires could not believe so many people turned out to the event knowing hard rain was in the forecast for much of the day.

In addition to representing Toyo Tres, we were also pleased to have the addition of Jamie who is one of the lovely ladies competing for the title of Ms. Von Dutch / Leadfoot Motorsports. Jamie did an excellent job in representing herself, Leadfoot, Toyo and all of our other marketing partners. I think she has a bright future in modeling as well as anything else she decides to be involved with. Now that the show is over our next focus is to get the purple rocket ready for the biggest race on the IHRA’s schedule. The IHRA World Finals in Norwalk, OH at Norwalk Raceway Park will be our next event. The event begins this week August 24 – August 27th. Wish us luck as we look to capture our first Ironman! Until next time… live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian Olatunji Remains Upbeat Despite Motor City Nationals Upset

July 10th, 2006 in News by

Milan, MI – Brian Olatunji and team Leadfoot Motorsports made a most valiant showing at the Suzuki Motor City Nationals, held July 7-9, 2006. The burnouts were sensational, the engine roared to perfection, qualifying went well and the 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo held up by Toyo tires sat fiercely at the starting line, only to be beaten by a 50 cent piece of equipment that popped off right before the take off of the ‘purple rocket’ on Saturday afternoon. “It’s disappointing to say the least… Unfortunately, the o-ring on the Trans dipstick tube failed causing Trans fluid to get onto the track, but this is drag racing…things happen, you learn and you move forward. My team did an excellent job all weekend and I’m confident great things are just around the corner,” Olatunji offered.

Drag racing fans from all over the country still stopped by the Leadfoot Motorsports pit area all weekend to get autographs, hero cards and another look at Olatunji’s revered Von Dutch / Chevy Monte Carlo Super Rod entry. Brian was even nice enough to let one young fan get behind the driver’s wheel before handing him an autographed hero card. “I wanted to sit in the purple hot rod and meet Brian,” the 5-year old enthusiastically shared. Olatunji is very dedicated to youth and has slated Leadfoot Motorsports to develop a program with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the near future.

The mood of Olatunji and the Leadfoot Motorsports team remains positive, which many fans commented on throughout the weekend. “He’s a really nice person [who] will come up and start a conversation with you even if the race didn’t go the way he wanted… some of these other [drag] racers who have been in the seat for years won’t make that effort for fans,” a drag racing fan of 15 years said of Olatunji.

The 2006 drag racing season will continue, as the broken part has been replaced and the team has planned to head out to test later this week. The next scheduled race is set to take place at National Trail Raceway, the Jeg’s NHRA Northern SPORTSnations for Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports for July 28-30, 2006. For the rest of Brian Olatunji’s racing schedule and information on the team’s many marketing partners, please check out the Leadfoot Motorsports website at

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Brian O’s Blog

June 27th, 2006 in Blog by

Well I’m sitting writing to you from Cleveland, MS where I’m here on business. I miss the car and my home so I can’t wait to get back on Wednesday. Even with my limited access to technology while here, I, along with everyone at Leadfoot has been working overtime to make this Friday’s race the best yet of the season. The “Purple rocket” is ready to launch, gorgeous models are on stand-by and I’m anxious to get in my fire suit and behind the wheel. Check back for results on July 1st. Live fast…drive hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog

June 8th, 2006 in Blog by

I guess it doesn’t take long for a month to come and go when 16-20 hour days are the norm. Since the last update much hard work and preparation by my crew and I almost have us in a position for the grueling part of our schedule. It has also rained here in southeast Michigan for much of the month of May which didn’t provide many opportunities for testing.

However, we have weathered the storm and the performance of both the team and the car is coming around. Because of our great supporters such as Lucas Oil, Splitfire Spark Plugs and Jeg’s with their racer discount program we are looking forward to the continuous schedule which lay ahead. If you have not checked in on our lovely lady model search be sure to drop in and take a peak. In addition to Michelle both Jane and Amber were winners from the past two legs of our contest. Soon we will have interviews from each of the winners as well as constant updates on my team and I. Check back soon and don’t miss a beat.

Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog

May 13th, 2006 in Blog by

Another week has come and gone and we are yet another day closer to the next event. During this past week we have firmed things up with Show and Go Customs which is the paint shop that will be applying our awesome scheme. We are also anxiously anticipating the arrival of our new trailer custom built to our specs from Vintage Trailers.

In the mean time we have also repaired a few odds and ins on the race car. These include the rerouting and rewiring of both the trans brake and line loc buttons. By the way our team crew shirts have arrived and I was going after a more unique and less traditional look and I feel these new shirts will do just that.

By the way be sure to check out the model search area because we have added some eye candy from the first event as well as the winner of the first leg of the contest, Michelle Woolcott. I’ll be the first to congratulate Michelle because she truly represented both Leadfoot Motorsports and Von Dutch well. Until next time, catch you later. Thanks!

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Von Dutch / Leadfoot Model Search at Milan Dragway

May 5th, 2006 in News by

‘Brian Olatunji and Leadfoot Motorsports have more up their Sleeves than Raw Horsepower with the Von Dutch / Leadfoot Motorsports Model Search at Milan Dragway’

Milan, MI – Leadfoot Motorsports led by driver Brian Olatunji and primary sponsor Von Dutch Originals has developed a program for the Skinny Kid Race cars heads-up race at Milan Dragway. This program involves the first annual Von Dutch / Leadfoot Motorsports model search. Leadfoot Motorsports will be on hand with some of the most beautiful young ladies in the country to compete for the opportunity to be featured in a Von Dutch ad campaign.

“The Friday night heads-up race is one of the most fun and entertaining nights of drag racing, therefore I decided to work with Von Dutch and Milan Dragway to further enhance these exciting events,” said Olatunji.

Add in the fact there are eight remaining events and this contest is sure to be as hot as a Midwest summer! The next event is scheduled for Friday May 5th, 2006. Leadfoot Motorsports will also have DJ Soko on hand to keep the fans in the pit area entertained in between Brian’s heart stopping ¼ mile runs. For more information about Leadfoot Motorsports and the Von Dutch / Leadfoot Motorsports model search visit For the hottest merchandise and apparel please visit For more information on Milan Dragway visit

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