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Brian Olatunji Rides in Style with North Channel Graphics

February 10th, 2010 in News by

Detroit, MI – Aspiring NHRA Fuel Funny Car driver and 2005 Kettering University (formally GMI) graduate in Mechanical Engineering; Brian Olatunji and the Leadfoot Motorsports team are pleased to continue to represent North Channel Graphics for the upcoming 2010 NHRA All Motor and Chaos heads-up divisions.

Every season part of the allure for the fans is coming out to see the new paint schemes adorning the race cars. 2010 will be no different for Brian O and the Leadfoot Motorsports team who for a fifth consecutive season will fly the vinyl graphics of the premiere graphics company in the Midwest, North Channel Graphics.

“I have always looked forward to the beginning of the new racing season both as a driver but definitely as a fan so I can check out the new paint schemes the various race teams debut. When I was a kid, the first edition of Nation Dragster provided the platform and it rarely disappointed. We hope to maintain that excitement with fans this season as we will once again give our fans a fresh graphics package to reflect our 2010 campaign,” said Olatunji.

Brian O and team will continue to represent North Channel Graphic with the intent of capturing both the NHRA All Motor and Chaos titles. Olatunji and team have already begun preparations for the impending 2010 campaign. “The value of the Leadfoot Motorsports program and achieving the objectives of our partners is paramount. We appreciate the recognition of value our partners place on our program. Of course having a stellar looking hot rod does nothing but help us achieve this thanks to North Channel Graphics,” stated Olatunji.

The Leadfoot Motorsports team is mateiculously preparing the Pepsi Chevrolet Monte Carlo for competition with the season to begin May 7th at Milan Dragway located in Milan, MI. “We thank Mr. Ken Willemse and the entire North Channel Graphics company for continuing to believe in our program and offering the opportunity to increase oneanother’s value. To our many fans look for a dynamic marketing campaign filled with opportunities to interact with the Leadfoot Motorsports team as well as a sleek new paint scheme on the hot rod,” said a jubilant Olatunji.

Stated Olatunji, “We have had the reliability and durability of having the best rear end components in our hot rod since 2003 and we look forward to our continuing partnership with Drive Train Specialists!”

Value, value, value! That’s the primary focus of each of the programs the Leadfoot Motorsports team embarks upon when partnering. We are always excited to hear of the value proposition of our relationship from our partners.

“We personally thank Ms. Rissman and the entire Drive Train Specialists staff for their unwavering belief in our program and look forward to a promising 2010 season. To our many fans look for a dynamic marketing campaign filled with opportunities to interact with the Leadfoot Motorsports team as well as a sleek new paint scheme on the hot rod,” said a jubilant Olatunji.

For more details, please visit Olatunji’s website at and download the 2010 press packet.

Download a PDF of this news article here.

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Double The Fun Weekend

August 5th, 2009 in Race Report by

From Michigan to Ohio & 50,000 fans in between!

On Friday night Brian O and the Pepsi Racing team charged into the 13th qualifying position at Milan Dragway and moved into 12th place in Aeroquip All Motor division heads-up points standings, four positions higher than the team started out at three races ago. In the first round Olatunji was first off the starting line by a large six tenths of a second .062 to .128, but was chased down by the eventual race winner. The purple rocket is continuing to make improvements race after race, Harold Martin and his team of engineers are now aligned with our program to ensure constant improvement and ultimately on track success.

Before eliminations began at Milan Dragway, and for the third race in a row, Brian O spoke over the PA to the thousands of fans in attendance. He discussed the double header weekend the team was entering and got in Marketing Partner mentions of Pepsi, Toyo Tires, Lucas Oil, North Channel Graphics, Bell Helmets, Jeg’s and DTS.

Immediately the crew got to work packing up the massive pit area arrangement in preparation to make the over 150 mile trip down to Norwalk, Ohio for the largest single day drag racing event in the world. The Night Under Fire actually starts in the day time with qualifying at 9 am so the crew knew they needed to act quickly. Unfortunately they discovered a broken throttle cable and made a 4 am pit stop to the team’s race shop in Detroit to repair the broken part. Thrashing quickly the crew returned to the road at 5 am in route to Norwalk Raceway Park. This trip to Detroit added an additional 100 miles to an already long night. Despite the minor obstacle the team arrived at the race track in time to assemble the team’s pit area which includes most of the items listed above and the team qualified in the 22nd position in the over 200 car field of Pro bracket cars.

Fans were drawn to the Pepsi Racing pits and scooped up hero cards, waited in line for Brian Olatunji autographs and posed for pictures with the future drag racing star. In Round One Brian O and team were victorious, but the event was canceled due to persistent rain. The team will be headed out to Milan Dragway later this week for some testing laps to continue to dial in the hot rod in anticipation to better and faster results at the next event at Milan Dragway on Friday, September 4th. The crew has already made improvements to the throttle assembly by adding a linkage courtesy of a trip to Skinny Kid race cars fabrication shop.

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Brian Olatunji Drives Pepsi Racing into Double Header

July 30th, 2009 in News by

Detroit, MI – Aspiring 27 year old NHRA Fuel Funny Car driver and 2005 graduate of Kettering University in Mechanical Engineering, Brian Olatunji driver of the Pepsi racing team for Leadfoot Media are proud to announce the addition of the biggest single day drag race in the world to their already action packed schedule. The additional race will be the Night Under Fire at Norwalk Raceway Park on Saturday August 1st. The night before the team will compete in their regularly scheduled NHRA All Motor heads-up event at Milan Dragway in front of the sold out crowd of more than 10,000 spectators. Olatunji and team are firmly entrenched in a battle sure to go down to the final event of the season. The team is excited to partner with Harold Martin and Martin Motorsports with their engine combination and this alliance will provide the horsepower to garner a final round finish and ultimately a win.

Olatunji and team are preparing for no rest as they look to make the trip from Milan Dragway in Milan, MI late Friday night to Norwalk Raceway Park in Norwalk, OH for qualifying set to begin bright and early at 9 am. “My team and I are no strangers to this situation and we are looking forward to representing our marketing partners with professionalism and style. We are accustom to lack of rest as our marketing arm has been working intensely on our current program as well as programs centered on future activities in the alcohol and nitro ranks,” said Olatunji. The team is proud of their alliance with Pepsi and is currently in negotiations with several other world class corporations in anticipation for the 2010 NHRA Full Throttle and Lucas Oil seasons. “We thank Mr. William Langford at Pepsi for our partnership and look to provide and increase our value and relationship into the future,” expressed a focused Olatunji.

Brian Olatunji, a 2004 graduate of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School with a license in Top Alcohol Funny Car, has aligned with a championship team owner in the NHRA Nitro Funny Car division with the goal of competing during the 2010 NHRA season. “We made the decision to attend the night under fire event to expose ourselves to the drag racing marketplace and continue our quest to get one of our autograph cards in the hands of every fan in attendance at one of our events. This is why we are excited about our collector’s edition autograph card available at these events only.” Given Olatunji’s popularity in and around his hometown of Detroit, the Night Under Fire will be the ideal venue to continue to expand that reach.

For more details, please visit Olatunji’s website at

Download a PDF of this news article here.

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The Leadfoot Destroys the Pedal… Twice!

July 9th, 2009 in Race Report by

Brian O destroyed not one but two throttle pedals in route to an early round exit during the third race of the Aeroquip Heads-Up series at Milan Dragway. Coming off of a number 14 qualifying position both Brian O and the Pepsi Racing team were excited and focused on competing for the race win. However the now infamous throttle incidents courtesy of the Leadfoot himself have not only solidified the moniker ‘Leadfoot’ but also given credence to the urban legend. When Brian O, was asked in post race media of the results from the event, he simply replied… “They don’t call me Leadfoot for nothing!”

To no avail this is an issue the team will have resolved and tested prior to the next event scheduled at Milan Dragway on Friday, July 31st. “I am confident my team will give me an indestructible throttle pedal for the next event and a hot rod capable of competing for the win,” said Brian O.

Leadfoot Media worked with Milan Dragway in advance to entertain the thousands of fans at the race. In between rounds, Brian O and the two Leadfoot models took the hot red Pepsi golf cart in front of the main grandstands. This signaled the track announcers to tell the crowd that they were about to be part of a contest with 10,000 other participants. The rules were simple. The section that screamed “Brian O” the loudest would have the honor of catching Lucas Oil t-shirts and Toyo Tires hats from the Pepsi Racing driver and the Leadfoot Media models. The announcers on the PA quickly hyped up the screaming audience as Brian O and the models egged them on.

“Complete pandemonium, but it was awesome!” – Brian O

The fans were so loud and enthusiastic that when the 10 Lucas Oil t-shirts and 2 Toyo Tires hats were all gone, Brian O opened the cooler in the golf cart and began passing out ice cold Pepsi Colas to the enthusiastic audience. Afterwards there was a mad dash of spectators to the Pepsi Racing pit area where many autographs and fans for life were born.

For the second race in a row, Brian O visited the control tower at Milan Dragway to participate in a long interview over the PA. Brain was allowed free reign to excite the fans and over the course of the speech/interview got in strategic Marketing Partner mentions of Pepsi, Toyo Tires, Lucas Oil, North Channel Graphics, Jeg’s and DTS.

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Brian O’s Blog: Movin’ On Up

July 3rd, 2009 in Blog by

Moooovin’ on up… toooo, the east side! Taken from the intro to the old television sitcom “The Jeffersons.” That’s how I felt after our most recent event this past Friday, July 3rd. We improved our qualifying position from the previous event by two spots to #14 from #16. I am excited about the potential performance of our hot rod given we improved our position in both qualifying and the points chase with not only one but two broken throttle pedals. I suppose I had to earn my “Leadfoot” moniker at the race track by some antic. Obviously unplanned but a reality no less the first of two throttle pedals was broken during the first qualifying pass. I knew something was wrong during the run with the throttle assembly when the car stopped accelerating down track. Upon investigation after I got out of the hot rod on the big end my assumptions were true. My crew immediately went to work on the damaged pedal where I notoriously broke the welds on the pedal assembly to find a tig weld for repair. Thank God for our friends at Skinny Kid race cars who where on site with their hot rod who made the necessary repair. Given the time to repair the pedal we missed our second qualifying opportunity which left only one shot at making the field. With the hot rod repaired all the pressured rested on my shoulders to make a pass quick enough to earn a spot in the sixteen car field.

As the RPM’s soared during the burnout during my final qualifying attempt so did my confidence that I was poised to lay down a lap to garner a place in the field. I took the green light and everything felt great until I got to the 330’ marker and not only did the rpm’s drop but so did the throttle pedal once more. So I took a glance at the gauges and I knew there was only one thing to do… Keep my foot in it! After all I did not want to explain to our partners that we missed the show. After the pass I was a bit disappointed in the second throttle pedal failure. I guess you can not only call me “Leadfoot” but also Fred Flintstone as I tried to put my feet through the floorboards to assist the hot rod down the track at a quicker pace.

My disappointment subsided once I returned to my pit area only to find out we had in-fact made the field and were qualified #14. The ups and downs continued as my team scrambled to repair the broken throttle pedal once more only to run out of time. Therefore we missed the call for first round eliminations. I guess you can say all is fair in love and war. One thing I can assure you is the throttle pedal will be virtually indestructible from here on out, but then again even the Titanic was suppose to be unsinkable. lol

This time our travels home were uneventful and welcome unlike the events which took place with our trailer on the way home from our first event. Tomorrow is America’s holiday, July 4th and I’m looking forward to spending time with the family. Our next event is the 31st of July at Milan Dragway and I hope to see you there. Until then… Live Fast, Drive Hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: What Happens When the Wheel Falls Off!?

June 6th, 2009 in Blog by

Actually I mean that literally. So, I’m exhausted riding shotgun on the way back from our first event of the season and my Uncle pulls over for fuel. Seems normal, right? Well, stay tuned. He knocks on my window where my head is braced and says, “B, the trailer tire is gone!” Of course I think I’m dreaming considering I’ve just dosed off and been up for almost 46 consecutive hours. As I awake he mentions again, “B, you won’t believe this. The Wheel is GONE!” At this point I recognize this is definitely not a dream. So I exit the truck only to see that not only is the wheel gone; but also the brake assembly, wheel and tire as well as the studs which the wheel bolt to. Through my exhaustion and disbelief that we’ve been barrowing down I-94 with 10,000 lbs of equipment at about 65 mph for almost an hour I break into a hysterical laugh. In fact we both do. I mean this scene could have been a real catastrophe. Needless to say I know the man above was watching out for us. No worst for wear we limped our three l egged dog home and had this unbelievable story to gain from. And to answer your question, NO! We never found the “whole” wheel assembly or any parts of it for that matter and couldn’t tell you where it decided to “dip out” from the trailer. Lol.

Yes, we qualified the Pepsi ride! Just snuck into the field #16 but we still made the show. For our first time out in two years we accomplished our goals for the event and managed to get a story and a few pictures for the scrap book as well! Now that it’s racing season I expect to see you all out at our events. Right now, sleep is beyond necessary so check back soon for updates. Until then… Live Fast, Drive Hard!

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Brian O’s Blog: Preparation is the Key to Success

May 19th, 2009 in Blog by

My Vice President Ian Moore, crew chief Uncle Johnny and I have been burning both ends of the candle lately getting ready for the season. As exciting as it is to sign a new major partner there is twice the amount of work to update everything. From vehicle, trailer, and golf cart graphics — to new crew apparel, pit art, autograph cards and a completely new website among other things there is much to finish prior to our first event of the season June 5th at Milan Dragway.

Those items are only on the marketing side. I am also working with our crew on a new engine combination which should allow us to be more competitive from the onset. I also need to ensure all of our support equipment (i.e. truck, trailer) is ready for the season ahead as well as order parts from our many supporters. We’ll receive rubber from Toyo Tires, lubricants from Lucas Oil, apparel from Vicci, parts from Jeg’s and safety equipment from Bell. We are pleased to welcome back each of these companies and look to continue to be apart of their marketing portfolio. North Channel Graphics will again adorn our hot rod. From the looks of our recently finished Leadfoot Media car renders it will be one bad ass looking Pepsi race car. The arrivals are always an exciting time for me as I anticipate the season and see the plan coming together! We also upgraded a litany of safety items on the hot rod by way of a trip to Skinny Kid race cars for a funny car roll cage upgrade.

I’m always amazed at how my corporate experience correlates to our racing program. With the need to ensure we meet our objectives tight timing is not only developed but kept and the only way we can guarantee success. We are now only weeks away from the season opener and things are coming together pretty good. Of course there are always obstacles. To quote my favorite rapper Jay Z, “difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week!” In the meantime I have to get back to the grind… See you at the races soon. Until then… Live fast, Drive hard!!!

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Brian Olatunji and Pepsi Align for 2009 NHRA Racing Season

May 16th, 2009 in News by

Detroit, MI – Aspiring 26 year old NHRA Fuel Funny Car driver Brian Olatunji and the Leadfoot Motorsports team are proud to announce PepsiCo and the Pepsi brand as their major marketing partner for the upcoming 2009 NHRA All Motor division. Brian O and team will fly the patriotic Pepsi colors during competition in hopes to capture the 2009 NHRA All Motor title. Given the current state of the economy Olatunji and team more than welcome the addition, however they are pleased a world class corporation such as Pepsi recognized the value of their organization. “We are pleased, excited and humbled to represent Pepsi and look to meet our objectives in hopes that this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship,” said Olatunji team owner and driver. “Our goals at Leadfoot Motorsports, LLC have always been to align with world class corporations and we know there is value in our partnership. We look to demonstrate that value through collective actions centered on brand identity and ultimately driving sales.”

Brian O and team are meticulously preparing the team’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo for competition and slated to debut June 5th at Milan Dragway. “We thank Mr. William Langford at PepsiCo for believing in our program and offering the opportunity to increase one-another’s value. To our many fans look for a dynamic marketing campaign filled with opportunities to win Pepsi and Leadfoot Media items as well as a sleek new scheme on the hot rod and website to follow,” expressed a jubilant Olatunji.

For more details, please visit Olatunji’s website at

Download a PDF of this news article here.

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Brian Olatunji to Concentrate on Professional Career

February 22nd, 2007 in News by

Detroit, MI – Aspiring 24 year old NHRA Fuel Funny Car driver Brian Olatunji has decided to run a limited schedule for the 2007 drag racing season in favor of utilizing his and Leadfoot Motorsports’ resources to acquire the funding to compete at the sport’s highest level. After a successful 2006 campaign, which saw the team dawn the colors of Von Dutch as a primary sponsor, Brian and his marketing company—Leadfoot Marketing (a division of Leadfoot Motorsports)—are making a consorted effort to put the right corporate partner at the forefront of NHRA PowerAde drag racing.

Last season Brian spent much of his time at the wheel of the team’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Gas entry. The same can be expected this season, however only on a limited schedule. “Last season was fantastic representing; Von Dutch, Sherwin Williams / Planet Color, Lucas Oil, Jegs, Toyo Tires, Splitfire Spark Plugs, Drive Train Specialists, Print Max, Bell Racing Company, North Channel Graphics and The fan reception was great and acquiring seat time is paramount regardless of the category. All in all it was a definite success!” Olatunji commented.

Brian went on to add that, “last season we went to 17 events, however this season we intend on competing in much fewer. Our schedule has not been finalized, however I expect somewhere around half as many as last season.”

In spite of a consolidated schedule, the licensed Top Alcohol Funny Car driver and 2005 Mechanical Engineering graduate of Kettering University is focused on finding a corporate partner in hopes of cultivating a career in the drag racing limelight. “The key is representing a company who is just as emphatic about representing you as you are about them. Meeting the objectives of the company is always at the forefront of your marketing initiatives; however a career partner that will not compromise winning on and off the race track is essential,” Olatunji revealed.

With Leadfoot Marketing’s proven track record of finding corporate partners to establish Brian O’s imminent professional career, they are confident that an ideal partnership will be forged.

For more details, please visit Olatunji’s website at

Download a PDF of this news article here.

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