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Brian O’s Blog: On to the Next One

October 28th, 2010 in Blog by

One season ends and another begins! Considering our Leadfoot Motorsports racing program put an explanation point on the 2010 racing campaign with our best performance of the season, that momentum and mindset is what we’re taking into the off-season. Opposed to recapping what turned out to be a great season I’d rather take the time to thank the team for an incredible ride as we look forward to the next level. THANK YOU, TEAM LEADFOOT as well as our fantastic marketing partners!

Meanwhile, over at Leadfoot Media we’re in “the soup” working hot and heavy on a program we are both excited and looking forward to, to roll out in 2011 and beyond! Progression is the name of the game and I’m sure you all will be both surprised by our direction but also compelled to keep watch. We are also looking for more ways to engage and interact with you all. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know. I’ve recently stepped up my Twitter game and looking to keep everyone informed on the “latest and greatest.”

The off-season is an interesting time given that it is just as busy as race season. I’m off to the NHRA Vegas 2 race in the AM, so if you see me around be sure to say “SUP.” We are pleased to announce Drive Train Specialists (DTS) are back on board for a 9th consecutive season. We are also partnered again with Rodger’s Chevrolet (Woodhaven, MI) for a second season which is a testament to the economy improving and Chevy sales increasing. In the meantime plans are in the works with our current and hopeful marketing partners who we hope to announce soon. Check back often for updates on our progress and follow me on twitter at: @brianoracing.

Until then… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: Right Now

October 6th, 2010 in Blog by

It has been said that young people are our future, however I also like to believe they are our “right now.” Each time I get the opportunity to interact and speak with the next generation, I am encouraged and astounded by the things I learn. After all, my goal is to always encourage and offer perspective, while also gaining from their perspective as well. In the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to speak to a range of high school students around the Metro Detroit area about a diverse array of topics. Each school and student population is unique. The overwhelming consistency is that these students wanted to know how they could improve themselves as well as the world around them. I certainly enjoyed the dialogue and hope that in some small part that I made an impression and ultimately impacted their lives.

Editor’s Note: Brian has made 7 personal apperances for schools and charities so far this fall on behalf of the U.S. Army, Pepsi and his many other parnters.

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Brian O’s Blog: Called Upon

July 6th, 2010 in Blog by

When called upon to enlighten the next generation I always feel an immediate responsibility to share and hopefully impart my life experiences to help make an impact. Over the off-season, I was asked to speak as a keynote speaker and presenter during two unique career days. Although this was not my first foray into speaking to students, about career options and life choices, I always feel a greater sense of need in the inner-city. Especially Detroit considering that it is my hometown. I was asked to speak at two Detroit schools, Denby Technical High School as the keynote speaker in addition to Cody High School as a presenter during their annual career day celebration. Given that I am a product of the same public school system, for my primary education, I understand the challenges, obstacles and pitfalls facing inner-city youth. Many people say Detroit is a dying place, however when engaged in a conversation with our next generation I am encouraged to know the bright minds yet to ascend on the world. Although I am tabbed as a “race car driver” during the sessions my focus is immediately on education. I impress upon them that I know firsthand that education is the cornerstone to pursuing ones dream and success beyond measure.

I met several interesting young people who expressed interest in fields ranging from the arts to law. Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the occasional aspiring engineer! All of the students were fascinated about the many aspects of racing and some intriguing questions were thrown my way. In this game it is great to have quick reflexes and the same can be said about engaging in conversation with young people. Especially high school students! As always I encouraged them to think outside the box and explore the virtuous and endless possibilities this world has to offer. I am proud to have been asked to spend some time with the young people and hopefully our interaction will inspire them to reach for their dreams and accomplish the impossible.

Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: Anticipation for the Unknown!

February 11th, 2010 in Blog by

That’s definitely the theme of the day. The Leadfoot Media team is a day away for embarking on our most ambitious undertaking to date. We are launching a new marquee and cornerstone to our marketing business. Ian and I have been working tirelessly over the brisk winter months on this project which we hope will yield fruit. Tomorrow morning I will board a plane enroute to the “West Sideeee,” Pomona, California to the NHRA Winternationals as I’ve done many times before. Only this time will be unique because I will have our new product in toe “Dynamic Impulse™ Magazine Service,” (shameless plug: check out more info about the service here) which I hope to generates customers during the event. Considering this is the 50th running of the Winternationals and most definitely a historic event perhaps the same can be said one day for the Leadfoot legacy and our “new” product.

Ian and I have been refining our product and we believe it will offer value to the racing community. Now the true test is whether or not I return with orders in hand. Needless to say you can’t miss a shot you don’t take and we’re without question taking a shot. In fact there is currently nothing in the industry to compare therefore we are somewhat hopefully pioneering a new market. Just as the internal combustion engine replaced horse drawn carriages hopefully we’ll replace the current and become the industry standard!

On the racing front we’re certainly looking forward to our 2010 season. We have resigned many of our long time partners such as; Lucas Oil, Toyo Tires, Drive Train Specialists, North Channel Graphics and Pepsi! We’ve also began to meet as a team to game plan and strategize on capturing the 2010 NHRA All Motor and Chaos crowns. I’ll elaborate more on our exciting marketing partnerships as well as the team a little later. For now our eyes are on the prize with visions firmly set on acquiring customers at Pomona. Wish us luck.

Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: Seeing is Believing!

September 19th, 2009 in Blog by

Seeing is believing! That’s the theme of our recent activities while hosting the Leadfoot Foundation’s 4th Annual Youth Empowerment Car Show charity event. The objective of the event is to provide back-to-school essentials to the underserved community from which I grew up. Notwithstanding is the wealth of talent and vision of these young people to make a difference in our ever changing world, the Leadfoot Foundation takes great pride in providing a vehicle to help cultivate these dreams. Although there were overcast for much of the event, interaction with tomorrow’s future provided all the sunshine and optimism one could ask for. I recall one conversation with a young man who when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up quickly stated, “a mechanic!” Given that he and I were engaged in a one-on-one conversation I asked why. He expressed his desire to work with cars and I could see his passion for the automobile in his eyes. I then went on to ask if he knew anything about engineering, specifically mechanical engineering. He told me it had something to do with designing things, although he revealed he had never met a mechanical engineer or any engineer for that matter. I went on to explain how mechanical engineering was the cornerstone for automotive ingenuity. He not only expressed an interest but was very inquisitive about the opportunities mechanical engineering could provide. Of course I saw this as the perfect time to let the cat out of the bag. When I told him I went to school for mechanical engineering and worked in the automotive industry as a mechanical engineer I could see the light bulb go off in his head. With great excitement in his voice he said, “But you drive the Pepsi race car.” Of course I acknowledged my chosen career path I did not want to lose site of how education is and will remain an integral part of my life and it’s contribution to me living my dream.

Ultimately I felt as if that young man was inspired by our conversation and my sincere desire is that our conversation gave him a broader perspective to the world around him. There were many other conversations with the hundreds of aspiring minds in attendance; however that one stuck out to me the most. In addition to the inspirational conversations I was overjoyed to see each and every one of the young people leave with a bundle of school supplies courtesy of the many contributors to our annual event. The goals of the event have remained firm since it’s inception but the vehicle we employed to achieve them changed drastically this year. We asked that attendees bring a minimum of $10 in unopened school supplies. To see the outpour of support from the community was simply something special. The Leadfoot Foundation and the committee who work tirelessly throughout the year to make this event a success are already hard at work on next years 5th annual event. I am more than looking forward to the event. I know with tactical hard work it will even more exceptional with a greater impact! To all who donated, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!” To our next generation, “Here’s to a successful and productive school year!” Until next… Live Fast, Drive Hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: If Only for One Night

August 19th, 2009 in Blog by

So there’s definitely a recurring theme regarding my obvious love of music from the previous intro to my last blog entry. However the Luther Vandross hit, “If Only for One Night” comes to mind when I think of my most recent activities. In my quest of chasing the dream as I like to put it I’ve done a tremendous array of activities and odd jobs to earn capitol to continue to fuel my dream. As you may be aware racing is fueled by good old fashioned green backs therefore the quicker and faster you go the more of it you need. Winning, well that all together requires just about an arm and both legs in addition to the cash. Lol. During my interesting travels this past month we competed in a couple of events which went well. You can check our schedule and photo gallery for results and a photographical montage through our events. I usually like to reserve this space for things which have taken place outside of our scheduled racing events to give you some incite on myself and team. John Force likes to relay stories of him dressing as the Wendy’s girl during a time when he needed fuel money to get to an event. Well I can’t say I’ve ever done that, but I can cross car hauling truck driver off the list. I’m sure your likely thinking how is that interesting… Simply put, this gig was for the Motorsports Hall of Fame!

Admittingly I was compensated for the task; however I was totally a kid in a candy store considering I was entrusted to haul around some of the most famous and historically relevant vehicles in motorsport history. The first of which was a 1978 Lola the championship winning hot rod of Luigi Calamai. Then there was the 2006 championship winning CART car of Sébastien Bourdais. Last but certainly not least was the 1988 championship winning nitro funny car of drag racing legend Kenny Bernstein.

K.B’s hot rod was not only entrusted of me to haul to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America’s induction ceremony in downtown Detroit where Kenny himself was being enshrined. I was given the opportunity to bring the famous nitro burning beast home for the night. This was simply as surreal experience given that I am a motorsport aficionado and a self proclaimed historian of modern drag racing. I would have done this pro-bono given my affinity to nitro burning floppers, however just as Force I needed the money to get to an event. After all this is the dream I’m chasing! Of course I did what any kid would do if given the chance to spend quality time on their terms with their “when I grow up” dream. I’ll save some space here, but let’s just say I all but slept in the 20 year old piece of drag racing nostalgia while it was strapped down in my trailer. My synopsis of the activity itself… AWESOME! I made hundreds of makeshift passes down quarter mile drag strips all over the world at the controls and butterfly’ s of K.B’s mount. Attached are a few of many pictures I hope you enjoy which I snapped while hauling around priceless motorsport works of art. As I’m sure you can guess, when I returned to the Filmore Theater to load K.B’s hot rod after his induction I shared stories with he and Brandon Bernstein (his son and current driver of the Budweiser top fuel dragster) of my night with Cinderella. Never to be lost is the fact I one day hope to have some aspiring driver relaying stories of a similar caliber about one of my old hot rods. I have to thank the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, especially Ron Watson who entrusted the vintage pieces to my care. John Force, top that! Until next time… Live Fast, Drive Hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: Movin’ On Up

July 3rd, 2009 in Blog by

Moooovin’ on up… toooo, the east side! Taken from the intro to the old television sitcom “The Jeffersons.” That’s how I felt after our most recent event this past Friday, July 3rd. We improved our qualifying position from the previous event by two spots to #14 from #16. I am excited about the potential performance of our hot rod given we improved our position in both qualifying and the points chase with not only one but two broken throttle pedals. I suppose I had to earn my “Leadfoot” moniker at the race track by some antic. Obviously unplanned but a reality no less the first of two throttle pedals was broken during the first qualifying pass. I knew something was wrong during the run with the throttle assembly when the car stopped accelerating down track. Upon investigation after I got out of the hot rod on the big end my assumptions were true. My crew immediately went to work on the damaged pedal where I notoriously broke the welds on the pedal assembly to find a tig weld for repair. Thank God for our friends at Skinny Kid race cars who where on site with their hot rod who made the necessary repair. Given the time to repair the pedal we missed our second qualifying opportunity which left only one shot at making the field. With the hot rod repaired all the pressured rested on my shoulders to make a pass quick enough to earn a spot in the sixteen car field.

As the RPM’s soared during the burnout during my final qualifying attempt so did my confidence that I was poised to lay down a lap to garner a place in the field. I took the green light and everything felt great until I got to the 330’ marker and not only did the rpm’s drop but so did the throttle pedal once more. So I took a glance at the gauges and I knew there was only one thing to do… Keep my foot in it! After all I did not want to explain to our partners that we missed the show. After the pass I was a bit disappointed in the second throttle pedal failure. I guess you can not only call me “Leadfoot” but also Fred Flintstone as I tried to put my feet through the floorboards to assist the hot rod down the track at a quicker pace.

My disappointment subsided once I returned to my pit area only to find out we had in-fact made the field and were qualified #14. The ups and downs continued as my team scrambled to repair the broken throttle pedal once more only to run out of time. Therefore we missed the call for first round eliminations. I guess you can say all is fair in love and war. One thing I can assure you is the throttle pedal will be virtually indestructible from here on out, but then again even the Titanic was suppose to be unsinkable. lol

This time our travels home were uneventful and welcome unlike the events which took place with our trailer on the way home from our first event. Tomorrow is America’s holiday, July 4th and I’m looking forward to spending time with the family. Our next event is the 31st of July at Milan Dragway and I hope to see you there. Until then… Live Fast, Drive Hard!!!

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Brian O’s Blog: What Happens When the Wheel Falls Off!?

June 6th, 2009 in Blog by

Actually I mean that literally. So, I’m exhausted riding shotgun on the way back from our first event of the season and my Uncle pulls over for fuel. Seems normal, right? Well, stay tuned. He knocks on my window where my head is braced and says, “B, the trailer tire is gone!” Of course I think I’m dreaming considering I’ve just dosed off and been up for almost 46 consecutive hours. As I awake he mentions again, “B, you won’t believe this. The Wheel is GONE!” At this point I recognize this is definitely not a dream. So I exit the truck only to see that not only is the wheel gone; but also the brake assembly, wheel and tire as well as the studs which the wheel bolt to. Through my exhaustion and disbelief that we’ve been barrowing down I-94 with 10,000 lbs of equipment at about 65 mph for almost an hour I break into a hysterical laugh. In fact we both do. I mean this scene could have been a real catastrophe. Needless to say I know the man above was watching out for us. No worst for wear we limped our three l egged dog home and had this unbelievable story to gain from. And to answer your question, NO! We never found the “whole” wheel assembly or any parts of it for that matter and couldn’t tell you where it decided to “dip out” from the trailer. Lol.

Yes, we qualified the Pepsi ride! Just snuck into the field #16 but we still made the show. For our first time out in two years we accomplished our goals for the event and managed to get a story and a few pictures for the scrap book as well! Now that it’s racing season I expect to see you all out at our events. Right now, sleep is beyond necessary so check back soon for updates. Until then… Live Fast, Drive Hard!

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Brian O’s Blog: Preparation is the Key to Success

May 19th, 2009 in Blog by

My Vice President Ian Moore, crew chief Uncle Johnny and I have been burning both ends of the candle lately getting ready for the season. As exciting as it is to sign a new major partner there is twice the amount of work to update everything. From vehicle, trailer, and golf cart graphics — to new crew apparel, pit art, autograph cards and a completely new website among other things there is much to finish prior to our first event of the season June 5th at Milan Dragway.

Those items are only on the marketing side. I am also working with our crew on a new engine combination which should allow us to be more competitive from the onset. I also need to ensure all of our support equipment (i.e. truck, trailer) is ready for the season ahead as well as order parts from our many supporters. We’ll receive rubber from Toyo Tires, lubricants from Lucas Oil, apparel from Vicci, parts from Jeg’s and safety equipment from Bell. We are pleased to welcome back each of these companies and look to continue to be apart of their marketing portfolio. North Channel Graphics will again adorn our hot rod. From the looks of our recently finished Leadfoot Media car renders it will be one bad ass looking Pepsi race car. The arrivals are always an exciting time for me as I anticipate the season and see the plan coming together! We also upgraded a litany of safety items on the hot rod by way of a trip to Skinny Kid race cars for a funny car roll cage upgrade.

I’m always amazed at how my corporate experience correlates to our racing program. With the need to ensure we meet our objectives tight timing is not only developed but kept and the only way we can guarantee success. We are now only weeks away from the season opener and things are coming together pretty good. Of course there are always obstacles. To quote my favorite rapper Jay Z, “difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week!” In the meantime I have to get back to the grind… See you at the races soon. Until then… Live fast, Drive hard!!!

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