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June 13th, 2009 in Published Ink by

What first brought our attention to Brian Olatunji was the brilliant graphics on his trailer, depicting Pepsi as a Sponsor, and the manner in which he professionally displayed his Car. The Trailer was parked on a corner near the front of the Dragway, and served as the main vocal point to Brian’s display. The car, itself, was angled towards the rear corner of the trailer where Brian’s Crew Chief and Mechanic, impeccably dressed in brilliant white shirts, stood to be available for questions about the car. Towards the front of the trailer were two Black Pop-up canopies with tables underneath. This is where Pepsi products were displayed and Brian’s assistants handed out his 8X10 Bio Cards and promoted Brian himself. Brian’s biggest supporter and promoter was his mother, Linda Whitley, who kept extremely busy stocking Bio Cards, talking to people, following Brian to the Staging Lane and keeping a watchful eye on all the activities.

But, the main draw to this display was Brian himself. For a young man, of only 27 years, Brian has already learned the importance of being personable and available to Race Fans. His hand shake comes out quickly and naturally, his smile is broad and contagious and Brian sincerely appreciates anyone who stops by and shows an interest in his passion……Drag Racing. Brian makes certain that he is always available for photos and so are his Assistants and Pit Crew. Everyone is all smiles and professional.

As for Brian, the man, well…..his Bio Card says it all. Here is are some highlights from Brian’s professionally designed, full color, uniquely graphics Bio Card……

Brian Olatunji is a native of Detroit, Michigan and has had a passion for fast cars all his life. While growing up, Brian spent a great deal of time around race tracks and grew to love the sport. Brian knew, that one day, he would own a REAL race car and pursue his dream to be on that track himself. As far as Brian’s educational history, Brian attended Kettering University, where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree, with a management minor. As for Brian’s racing education….Brian attended the Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in Florida.

What are Brian’s plans for the future….well..he spells it out in his Bio Card. The end result to all this hard work and detailed planning is “to land a ride in a 330 mile-per-hour land shaking beast known as a Top Fuel Funny Car.”

From USA in Focus Magazine… of luck to you, Brian, in your Drag Racing career and the acquiring of your dream.

Brian O’s Blog: What Happens When the Wheel Falls Off!?

June 6th, 2009 in Blog by

Actually I mean that literally. So, I’m exhausted riding shotgun on the way back from our first event of the season and my Uncle pulls over for fuel. Seems normal, right? Well, stay tuned. He knocks on my window where my head is braced and says, “B, the trailer tire is gone!” Of course I think I’m dreaming considering I’ve just dosed off and been up for almost 46 consecutive hours. As I awake he mentions again, “B, you won’t believe this. The Wheel is GONE!” At this point I recognize this is definitely not a dream. So I exit the truck only to see that not only is the wheel gone; but also the brake assembly, wheel and tire as well as the studs which the wheel bolt to. Through my exhaustion and disbelief that we’ve been barrowing down I-94 with 10,000 lbs of equipment at about 65 mph for almost an hour I break into a hysterical laugh. In fact we both do. I mean this scene could have been a real catastrophe. Needless to say I know the man above was watching out for us. No worst for wear we limped our three l egged dog home and had this unbelievable story to gain from. And to answer your question, NO! We never found the “whole” wheel assembly or any parts of it for that matter and couldn’t tell you where it decided to “dip out” from the trailer. Lol.

Yes, we qualified the Pepsi ride! Just snuck into the field #16 but we still made the show. For our first time out in two years we accomplished our goals for the event and managed to get a story and a few pictures for the scrap book as well! Now that it’s racing season I expect to see you all out at our events. Right now, sleep is beyond necessary so check back soon for updates. Until then… Live Fast, Drive Hard!

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