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July 16th, 2007 in Blog by

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve addressed the millions of rabid fans awaiting my next post… O.K., I just woke from the dream that will some day be my life. However there have been many things which have transpired since my last rant. Some notable and others not so interesting. One of the biggest has been the lost of my really good friend Eric Medlen or EM as I use to call him. I’ve since thought many times how I should pay tribute to him here; however I felt the need to deal with his lost personally and pay homage to the life and spirit he left behind through my actions.

Speaking of things “lost” one of those for me is the innocence of the business realm of professional drag racing. I know, I know… I’m not a pro just yet, however the state of mind my team and me operate is that of a professional nature in every since of the word. I believe the only way to prepare for the unknown is to somehow put yourself in that position through observation (somewhat emulation) of those you aspire to compete with. Getting back to the lost innocence is my forward knowledge of what is actually required to step into the professional spotlight. These things include preparing my mind, body and spirit for the grind set to commence. Little things come to play such as getting proper rest and eating right while on the road. My day job has prepared me for this business of racing from the traveling aspect due to my hectic schedule and being out of town for countless weeks at a time. Realistically how is one to know this takes a toll on someone aspiring for racing glory when all you really wanted to do was drive a bad ass hot rod. In addition to this, dealing with multiple platforms of people as a manager at work is a warm up for the media and fans (whom I’m emphatic of) and will definitely prepare me for the next level when I catch “the dream.” This loss of innocence has its pro’s and con’s however it’s what I’ve grown accustom to and “the dream” is all I’ve ever wanted so I must prepare for the known and unknown and embrace the unexpected. Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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