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January 19th, 2007 in Blog by

Now that the new year is in full tilt, figured a few resolutions were applicable although I’m not much of a resolution kinda guy. Typically I make goals and try my best to achieve them. This year is no different, however I figured it was time to try my luck with a musical instrument. The instrument I’m currently learning is…. Drum roll please, (pun intended); actually it’s the bass guitar. I chose the bass guitar, for one, because it’s flat out cool and also because my step father plays and brings the house down when a jam session commences. The bass is a unique instrument because there are two different versions similar to differences between wheeling an 8,000 hp fuel funny car vs. a top fuel dragster down the quarter mile. The bass guitar is a beast to master just as a short wheel base funny car is a cosmic animal.

I like to believe precision as a world class driver and a great bass guitarist are necessary. If you are late on the light it’s likely you have just handed your opponent a free pass to the next round and miss handling one of the bass’ cord’s can reek havoc on a classic tune. Overall I am really enjoying my new found hobby and maybe one day I can introduce the world to Brian O. the race car driver and bass guitarist on an ESPN telecast. Until next time… Live fast, drive hard!!!

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