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Posted on October 12th, 2006 at 8:10 am in Blog by

I’m currently sitting on an airplane ready to depart from Memphis to head home from business. The last two weeks have been a blur, however we have quite a few irons in the fire for next season and I am really excited about the potential to really make it happen. In my last rant I spoke a lot about the mysterious “sound beneath the valve covers.” As you can see from the latest press release we managed to make it to the most recent race last weekend so that pretty much answers the questions regarding the Purple Rocket.

Of course that was a good thing considering it was not as serious as I initially thought. I guess you can say it’s good to consider the worst at times that way you can be both prepared if that is the case or surprised to find out it isn’t. However, I was a bit apprehensive at the event after round one due to another unique sound from the engine bay. Upon further investigation we found the bolts which attach the converter to the flywheel found a way to loosen themselves. Seems that happens when the engine is turning 7600 rpm’s thru the big end (racer slang for – finish line).

I also mentioned a photo shot as well. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a fantastic reporter in Raneeka Claxton as a feature in Twist Magazine as, “Guy of the Month.” Twist is a weekly magazine included in the weekend edition of the Detroit News / Free Press. If you are interested you can check out the interview here:

The coolest thing about getting an interview in a non-racing related publication is hearing from old friends and people I don’t get to speak to on the regular. Usually when people see things such as this they drop me an e-mail and it is always good to hear from them. Anyway, the doors on the flight are closing and the last call for electronic devices has been issued so I gotta run. Until next time keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully we will have something to announce soon… Live fast, drive hard!!! Later…

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