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Posted on September 20th, 2006 at 6:07 am in Blog by

I know, I know. It’s been awhile. Lately I have been busier than usual with frequent trips out of town for business as well as racing just about every weekend. In addition to all of that it’s that time of year where we are chasing money looking for marketing partners for the 2007 season. The goal is to move up in classification to the Top Alcohol Funny Car category. I have some very good opportunities; however they revolve around finding adequate funding to compete. Keep in mind we are looking at opportunities to compete with a top notch championship caliber team. Having said that my marketing team and I have been beating the bushes and we do have some irons in the fire.

This past weekend we were at the Funny Car Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park. Although, the weather was superb for a late summer weekend things did not go very well with the purple rocket. Unfortunately, after only one pass a quick check under the valve covers revealed a destroyed push rod, broken rocker arm, damaged retainer and a missing lash cap. For those of you in the know the missing lash cap was of great concern considering it could potentially be stuck somewhere in the motor. Due to the parts failure we were forced to load up early despite our intentions to leave with something shinny and a little of that green stuff made for spending. Oh well, that’s racing. However, the fans were great and made the trip itself very much worth it.

When we returned home I tore the top of the engine down and there is where I discovered the missing lash cap. This came as somewhat of a relief. I also inspected the lifter which was undamaged meaning the cam lobe was not wiped out. Wheeeew… Fast forward to Tuesday after an all night thrash to get the hot rod ready for a photo shoot and the engine sounded awesome until we attempted to start it for the second time. This is where a unique sound came from beneath the valve covers. Hopefully it isn’t much besides a valve adjustment. We were unable to investigate the root cause because we needed to get the purple rocket ready for a guest appearance with the camera and a highly skilled photog who goes by Kyle Keener. I’ll let you know all about the photo shoot in my next rant. Keep your fingers crossed that the mysterious sound from “beneath the covers” isn’t much more that a minor adjustment.

Until next time… Live fast, drive hard! Later…

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