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Posted on May 8th, 2006 at 6:11 am in Blog by

The battle scars from the first race of the season consist of a two day trash and one qualifying pass that left a broken throttle cable and no usable data. However, we do know the engine is and will work great for us from the rumble and quick throttle response on my John Force style burnout. Overall the first race was a success because we really did not break anything and the fans reactions to our teams’ presence in the pit area were all well received.

We had many on lookers and just to think our “WOW” paint scheme hasn’t been applied. By the next heads-up event at Milan Dragway on June 2 nd the performance and appearance of the Leadfoot Motorsports clan will be in tip top shape. Just as the first race has wrapped up it’s time to continue the grind and get ready for the next event scheduled for May 27 th. Check back soon and I’ll let you know how things are comin’ or goin’ for that matter. Later!

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